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Ruth Pearl Necklace
Ruth Pearl Necklace
Ruth Pearl Necklace
Ruth Pearl Necklace
Ruth Pearl Necklace

Ruth Pearl Necklace


Is this a gift? Please email if you would like us to write a hand-written gift message and gift wrapping.

Why it's special: This asymmetrical necklace features our signature sphere charm in the center (which can be transformed into a lariat), a string of dainty pearls layered with delicate chain on one side, and a bold, chunky gold chain on the other. It's truly one-of-a-kind.

Who it's inspired by: Ruth Asawa, one of our most revered artists, for her use of asymmetry and feminine forms.

Good to know:

  • Two necklaces in one — simply put your fingernail in the slit at the bottom of the ball to pop open and transform the piece into a lariat
  • Easy closure with our unique and seamless round magnetic clasp
  • Pearls are hand-picked by our Co-Founders, Jenny and Lily
  • Sphere charm made of ethically mined 23.5-karat yellow gold premium plating over yellow bronze
  • Gold-fill chain made of a thick bond of yellow gold over brass
  • 18.5" chain length
  • Free and easy returns on domestic orders
  • Click here to see our care instructions

Patent Pending

Made Responsibly
Sustainable and Ethical Metals
All of our jewelry is made with 100% recycled sterling silver or yellow bronze as certified by Scientific Global Services and ethically mined 23.5-karat gold premium plating.
Sustainable Freshwater Pearls
We use cultured freshwater pearls which are considered the most sustainable gem. Our supplier is certified to provide freshwater pearls that are sustainably farmed.
Made Local
All of our jewelry is designed in Santa Monica, California by Jenny and Lily Monbouquette and handcrafted by master jewelers in Rhode Island, USA.
Cultured Diamonds
Our lab-grown diamonds match the same chemical, optical, and physical properties as mined diamonds. Cultured diamonds are inherently conflict-free and have significantly less negative environmental impact than mined diamonds.
      Premium Plating and Fill

      We believe that our 23.5-karat gold electro-plating over yellow bronze is more durable than traditional vermeil plating, which requires a thickness of at least 1.5 microns of 10-karat gold over sterling silver. We use 2.5 microns of 23.5-karat gold plating over recycled yellow bronze. We use yellow bronze because it extends the lifetime of the gold plating and is the only base metal that allows for repair if it gets scratched.

      Our gold-fill chain is constructed by layers of gold bonded to a surface with heat and pressure. We prefer to use gold-filled chain because it is more durable than electro-plated chain. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to use the gold-fill process for our sphere charms, which is why we use a very thick electro-plating as mentioned above.

      Rhodium is a metal we electro-plate over some of the sterling silver chain of our Hepworth Silver Necklace to add shine, luster and durability.

      Black Rhodium is a metal we electro-plate over certain parts of the Silver Gem Drop earrings to add contrast between the sterling silver and cultured white diamonds.

      Size and Weight
      • Lightweight and comfortable for wearing all day
      • Large ball is about the size of a blueberry
      • Small bead is similar in size to a large green pea
      • Chain hangs from earlobe to jawline



      • Sits just below collar bone
      • When opened, the dangling bead hangs about 1" below the large ball
      • Large ball is about the size of a blueberry
      • Small bead is similar in size to a large green pea

      15% of every purchase is donated to Direct Relief, a non-profit that works to equip healthcare workers with medical resources for battling Covid-19

      A Mother-Daughter Collaboration, Made by Master Jewelers in the USA

      Ruth Pearl Necklace

      Ruth Pearl Necklace